Sunday, March 17, 2013

Moving to Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I hope you will continue to follow my little blog over at Bloglovin. I don't have all that many posts, however I am learning more and more about quilting, and loving this quilty world. I have stopped by Bloglovin and love what I have seen so far. I am continuing to follow others blogs thru Bloglovin as well. Thank you!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Quilt for my Momma

A FINISH!! I finished my Momma's quilt today. She doesn't read my blog, so it is safe to show the picture here. I cannot wait to put it in the mail on Monday and send it off to her. It is a surprise you see. I'm quite excited to hear her reaction when she gets it in the mail. I will write her a little note to explain why I made it for her. She can either put it on her bed, or snuggle under it while she reads her Nook. She loves to read her books. It isn't a huge quilt, and so it should suit her for which ever she chooses. I'll let you all know her reaction.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Been Busy

So I've been busy lately, and I have a lot to show for it. Here are some pictures to show my work of late. I actually quilted a finis in January.
I finished four placemats and a hot pad.
I also finished this table topper that I placed on my formal dining room table after I took this picture. Meanwhile I have been working on a quilt called Vintage Tin for my mother. Here are a few of the blocks that I have embroidered. All of the stitchwork is being done in black with the exception of the one car you will see that is blue. My mom drove a light blue car when she was younger, and drove into a gas station where my dad worked. He pumped her gas and she fell in love with him there... AHHHH!! So I changed the name of the gas station in the pattern to my daddy's name and stitched that in blue as well. All of the fabric will be in black and white as well. The only things in color will be my daddy's name and the blue car. I am hoping she will get the hint.. when she receives the quilt as a surprise.
Here is the portion of the stitchwork showing the car and my daddy's name.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vintage Tin

I've done it again.  Jumped into another project.  Well, it is in the mail on it's way.  But can you blame me?  Just look at it!!  I know you want to see more.  Well you can see more and zoom in and even purchase this little lovely for only $27.00 at  it is special to me mostly because of the center scene.  It wasn't on route 66 but at a gas station much like this one.  My mom had stopped to get gas, and my daddy stepped out to pump gas.  That was how they met.  She showed me a picture in her picture tin of her old 57 Chevy pulled up to the gas station, and although I DO NOT know cars at all, I think it looks ever so much like this photo.  So I am going to stitch this up just like this with one exception.  The car in the center is going to be her baby blue.  IF I could find a 57 Chevy to super impose in the scene, then I might just do that.  LOL.  I'll think about giving that a shot, but I'm not super creative.  I've never even sewed Flying Geese before LOL.  So this will be a new experience for me.  I just know I HAVE to do this for my mom. 
    I didn't think that I had any black and white fabric in my stash.   LOL.  Teach me to go and check before heading to the store.  I had a little quilt pack that I had bought on clearance when Walmart was changing up their stores from pre-packs back to will-cut stations.  Not so sure anymore that was a good move.  BUT... anyhow.  I found a bundle of black and white and a few precuts that should get me started nicely.  YAY!  I'm so excited.  I hope that this get's you all excited about this lil beauty too!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

A completed quilt.. FINALLY!!

I am so completely thrilled!!  I have been working on this quilt for 25 months.  October of 2011 I started this quilt.  Hand pieced, and hand quilted.  It currently sits on my bed.  I haven't even had the heart to put it in my washing machine.  Too chicken that it will fall apart before I have a chance to sleep under it.  How bad is that??

New Craft Room

The make over is somewhat complete.  I have a few more things to hang on the wall, or should I say DH has a few more things to hang on the wall.  That is where the hang up has been.
The pictures that sit below the television are prints that I purchased while we lived in Japan for $3.50. I just had them framed after 15 years in a box, and now they will be on the wall. Terrible that I waited so long. I painted the old wooden dresser black and red in hopes that it would give it more of an Asian feel.
The windows already had white blinds. I added the curtain rods, and then added the little kimonos that my children wore while we lived in Japan. This is my favorite part of the room. LOVE IT!
I love the bright bold colors of this Kabuki Theater kimono. It is a purely decorative kimono as it is about 7 feet tall. No one could really walk around in it. It is hung on bamboo and then curtain rod holders. Then my neighbor traded me the big comfy chair for the treadmill, and some lamps that she has yet to deliver. I still can't work in the room in the evenings as the lighting isn't good enough. I still have a lot of my stuff in the guest room (tee hee), and in the guest room closet so that this room can stay cleaner looking. Although at the moment it is a bit messy because I have been working.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Link to the 30s update

I have been keeping busy working on my Link to the 30s quilt since I got my new puppy Lili. I tried to find something with smaller pieces that she couldn't get to while I was working. Well, smaller pieces certainly describes this quilt. It is called Bejeweled Wedding rings really. Link to the 30s is the name of the book that it can be found in. Here is what the blocks will look like and a look at my fabric selection
And a close up view for you of the bands.
I found some fantastic fabric made for Jo-Anns Fabric for the center Orange Peel sections that tied all of the fabrics together, and it had circles and rings as it's focal point. I thought it added just enough craziness for this quilt to make it interesting. Now these havn't been appliqued yet, so they will be smaller than they appear on this sample.
I only have a FEW circles left to 588 go on the arches (faint now!!)
I was starching the circles and burning my little fingers with steam.. POOR LITTLE FINGER!!
Now my poor little fingers were saved by a lovely bloggerSara at My Sewing Room She sent me one of these
That she made and I used this when starching my circles so that I didn't have to put my fingers near the iron. YAY no more starch steamed little fingers! Oh I was so excited to get it in the mail yesterday that I went right to the ironing board and put that iron to use and got all of my circles starched and ready to applique down.
Like this, instead of using my finger to make sure it doesn't stick to the iron. MUCH, MUCH better!! Thank you so much Sara!! You are a finger saver, if not a lifesaver!! Much appreciated for your kindness.