Monday, December 20, 2010

Celebrating 50..

Pattern blocks completed that is.. I'm so excited! I keep working away.. 167 pattern blocks needed (approximately).. So I better keep on stitching away.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Be Happy, Be Excited

I was thinking. I know.. uh ohh..
This morning when I was waking up I was thinking that is is good to start the day by thinking of something to be HAPPY about and something to be EXCITED about. It isn't always easy. I am happy to spend the day with my family. They are my joy. DH can always make me smile. He is the world's biggest dork when he wants to be, and can make me smile at the drop of a hat. My children make me proud each day with their good behavior, their good citizenship, and their intelligence. I don't know where they get that last one.
I am excited about quilting. This is a fairly new adventure to me, and it has not lost it's joy. I continue to stitch daily, and dream about more quilts daily. I wish that I had continued this adventure when I had started it my first try at quilting because of the joy. At that time my committment to family was much more demanding and I couldn't fit it in. Now is my adventure, and it is just so sweet.
The beautiful blogs I visit, (let's admit..daily), are a wonderful inspiration for quilts of the future. I couldn't dream of the future quilts without all that you so willingly share. Thank you for my continued excitement!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Meal Planning

Dinner this Week - I am cleaning out the freezer, and shopping from the cupboard as much as possible. Goodness only knows what is in that freezer, so I think we will eat from there until I can't anymore. I always shop the sales, and the week after Thanksgiving doesn't seem very forthcoming with deals.
Sunday - Boneless Country style Pork Chops and Frozen Veggies
Monday - Roast Chickens and Garden Salad
Tuesday - Spaghetti and Meat sauce, Texas Toast, Steamfresh Veggies
Wednesday - Pepperoni Pizza (Home made)
Thursday - Chicken Strips and Alfredo Egg Noodles
Friday - Manwiches and French Fries
Saturday - Beef Stew and Dumplings
Sunday - Start again - I hope there are better deals next week!

I would really like to learn how to post recipes and then link back to them in posts so there could be an easy way to click on a dinner idea, and have it take someone back to the recipe. I'm just not very technical. If anyone knows how to do this, I would LOVE to be schooled in blogger speak!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hexagons - I'm still chugging along

I'm still working on my hexagon quilt, and probably will for a long time. It doesn't make for a very interesting blog I'm afraid. I thought I would post my progress though. I have completed 25 of the pattern blocks thus far, and I am working on number 26. I am almost finished with that one. I cannot help but dream of quilts of the future. I am looking forward to see what the New Year brings in Blocks of the Month to follow. I am hoping for some lovely applique blocks with flowers that I can save for the whole year, and then make a nice quilt with. Of course I have to learn to applique as I go. I have been reading all I can on the blogs that people post. It would be wonderful to find a blog that teaches a applique quilt for beginners with their Blocks of the Month.. you know.. start simple and move forward. That would be SO great!
The other quilts that I plan for the future are Cathedral Windows, my first attempt at this quilt was a horrible failure, however I will not be deterred from my dream.
I love Double Wedding Ring, and I have the pattern for this, and Cathedral Windows and also for Dresden Plate another of my favorites that I plan to make. They are probably not too far in my future. I am hoping DH will get me a gift card to the fabric store for Christmas so I can buy some fabric.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hexagon Quilt coming along

My hexagon quilt is coming along. I think you can see better now what I want it to look like as I have a few different colors of red in it now. These 12 hexagon blocks are not sewn together, they are just laid out so that I can peek at my progress once in a while and get excited about my quilt to come. I just pick them back up and stack them in a pile for later.
I currently have ALL of my fabric cut into squares ready to be sewn into hexagons.
I have 14 pattern blocks (12 hexagons each) complete. Only 153 left to go (Big smile).

Quilts I love

Are there quilts you LOVE? Quilts you have always loved? I am very new to quilting, and there are certain quilts that are on my list of quilts I want to make... someday. I am currently making my hexagon quilt. I have moved into a new step in quilting for myself. Something beyond stitching square to square, which is where I began. There are however those dream quilts I wish to make someday.
I want to make a Dresden Plate quilt. I keep putting that on my list when I sign up to win an Accuquilt Go.
I want to make a Double Wedding ring quilt. I put that on my list as well. (Big smile).
I think a Cathedral Window quilt is fantastic. I tried to make one once before, however it was before I knew about the grain of fabric. It didn't turn out very nice. I quit before I got too far. I would however like to give it another go at some point. I will keep it on my list.
My sewing machine doesn't work the best, so I think those will last me a lifetime stitching by hand. If I should get my machine working better, Look out!!! I see some beautiful blogs of quilts out there the creativity is amazing. Even blocks that seem simple. Triangles and squares are turned into the most amazing and beautiful creations, you can't help but want to make them and put them on your bed. You can always think of someone who could benefit from the wonderful warmth and cuddle of a quilt. They just sing of happiness.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is it worth it?

Is clipping coupons REALLY worth my time? Well, I guess that would be a personal decision for everyone. I don't clip my coupons until I am going to the store for the week. I purchase 4 newspapers each weekend, and keep the coupon inserts in a file un-clipped until I flip through them while making up my list for the week. I clip what I need at that time, using the oldest coupons first so I can catch them before they expire if possible.
This week my savings were pretty good. I made up my grocery list from my menu, added in a few snacks and necessities. (Toilet paper, paper towels).
Here are the totals for the week.
The register first rings up the price of the groceries at the NON sale price. The price the store would regularly sell the item at if it was NOT on sale. If I had shopped for the items all on a NON sale date, I would have spent $322.23. I shopped for the sales, the store discounts, used my e-coupons, and clipped my coupons. I saved $137.25. I spent $184.98. I purchased meals for 4 people for 7 days, and I am including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks. I also purchased a Ham, and a Turkey which were not on the menu but they were on sale.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Meal Planning

Have you looked at your bank statement lately? I have, and I was shocked by just how many times I had been running to the grocery store. Now, I should know better at my age, but the store is just SO conveniently located! Well, the minus, minus, minus in the banking column was yucky! I decided it was time to go back to the meal planning that I know I should be doing. I am making a list of meals for our family, that we regularly eat. Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Side Dishes and Desserts. I will then type up those recipes, and include them in my blog so that my children can access those recipes. Some may seem very strange, and some may not need a recipe. I think we all know how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
I include everything in my lists, because I use my lists to plan my menu for the week. I don't want to have to sit and think... what do we want for dinner. I would end up with pizza every night of the week.. I LOVE PIZZA! Instead, I take a piece of paper and divide it up into 7 boxes across for the 7 days of the week, and 4 boxes down. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks.
Step 1) List the meals you already have on hand. What is in the freezer? What did you buy last week, and not make? Put that on your list for this week.
Step 2) What is on sale at the store? I will add that to my list, and try to include that in my meal plan, or add it to my freezer for next week.
Step 3) What do I have coupons for? I will dig out my coupons and match up coupons to the ads. We have e-coupons as well here. Coupons are added to the store cards through and which are helpful and free, in addition to printable coupons and the coupons that I get in the Sunday paper. I love my coupons! I also look to local bloggers to help me figure out what is free and cheap on my shopping weeks at my stores. They are VERY helpful. I'm not opposed to help. (Thank you!)
Step 4) Make my list and TRY to stick to it. I do not go back to the store until a week later, so I have gotten better at making my lists. I had a computer crash, so I have lost all my family recipes that I had made and saved on my computer previously. I have to start again, trying to remember what we make on a regular basis. It is not as easy as one would think. Recipes to come.. stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hexagon Quilt Status Report

I am counting my quilt by the repeat pattern blocks required to finish it. I guess that it will take 167 full blocks to finish it (I will figure out the partial blocks later) Some of the full blocks will be broken down into those partial blocks to finish teh quilt. However from the 167 blocks I have currently completed 5.
I have 6 more blocks with the flowers complete and just need to add the green row. I shall have an update with more done very soon!

I got leather thimble dots sent to me from a yahoo group buddy, and tried these. They are nice, I have to say! Much better than a full finger thimble. Also, much better than a sore finger.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beautiful Blog Buddy

Look at these Gorgeous Gifties that came in the mail from a Beautiful Blog Buddie! Aren't they just the most spectacular. I'm just touched beyond belief. I find it hard to put into words how much this means. In todays world where all you see is bad things on the news. Someone just decided on their own to send me some red fabric for in my hexagon quilt. It makes you think, WOW, there is still some good in this world, and people willing to do something special for others without asking anything in return. It has really touched my heart.
I can't wait to show them to you in their flowery hexagon form. Thank you beautiful blog buddy!

Friday, November 5, 2010


I think I need to find a flexible thimble for myself. My poor lil stitching finger is sore! I have been having SOOO much fun stitching my hexagons. As of today I have eight flowers assembled. Not all of the leaves (the green row) are on them, but the flower portions are complete. Well all of the hand stitching on my finger has it sore, sore, sore. I'm addicted to these wonderful hexagons though. It is so relaxing to just sit and stitch by hand, and watch it all come together. I don't want to stop stitching. I tried a timble, and with that I was just all thumbs. It was too bulky and got in the way. I have never stitched with a thimble, and I guess I will have to work my way into that. Perhaps a flexible leather one? I saw on a blog at some point a stick on circle type thimble. I will have to see if I can find those as well although they seem similar to a bandaid to me. So for today, I will try a bandaid and keep on stitching.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hexagon Quilt One Motif

Here is one full motif for the quilt design shown at left. I will make MANY more of these (167 is my estimate). Various reds, and various greens. I will not assemble them until all of them are complete so that I can scatter the reds and maroons throughout the quilt. This should take a while to complete.

Hexagons Moving Along

This first photo I have included to show you that in the back I have removed some of the Hexagon templates. Now I leave the templates IN both of the templates left and right of the crochet hook as I stitch the seam that is being pointed to. It would have been better if I could have taken a picture of this step but I missed it. The cardstock templates keep me from making my stitches too deep. I cannot stitch into the cardstock. Instead, my needle is finding the top of that template and so I know my hexagon is going to end up the correct size when I finish. (Yay).

Now in order to stitch the seam that I am pointing to here with the crochet hook, I had to remove the hexagon of the lower maroon hexagon that is showing in the picture.

As you can see the maroon hexagon is folded, and I am able now to line up and stitch the seam easily. I have found it easiest to stitch from the outside to the inside, but, perhaps this is because I am a righty.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hexagon Delight 2

Here is the first flower of my Hexagon quilt. I'm delighted! I have many, Many, MANY more to go. Thanks to a lot of help from people on my Yahoo groups I was able to figure out just how many that is. I now know where I went wrong in my math calculations the first time I figured. I will need about 2000- 1 1/2" Hexagons to make a 100x112" queen size quilt. Considering there are 12 hexagons in my pattern, I will need approximately 167 Yellow, 333 white, cream or tan, 500 greens, and 1000 reds. I'm not tooo picky but, I do hope to get some variety in my reds as I want it to look like flowers and not just like a red blob.

Here is the back of the first flower after stitching the maroon hexies to the yellow. I left the templates in place while stitching to be sure to get the perfect shape. I was careful while stitching to get just the fabric, and not the tagboard.

I also wanted the punched holes in the back of the hexagon templates so that I could remove them and use them over and over again.

Simply take a smaller size crochet hook and place it in the hole, and pull.

Out popped the template with no damage, ready to be used again. Yay! Less templates to cut!
I only removed the center template at this time as I still have to stitch the sides of the petals together and I needed the center of the flower to be able to fold in order to do this.

Hexagon Delight

I am just delighted with Hexagon quilts! I am having so much fun! Well, so far that is. I found a sketch sheet like graph paper on and made a design for my quilt. Now, being a very VERY simple design I'm sure there may be a quilt out there somewhere like this. All I know is that I doodled on the graph paper, and this is what I came up with, so this is my design. If you happen to have designed one like this... great. I'm not selling my design, I just designed it with my own lil mind. Here is my picture.
Now if you look at the little section that I have outlined in the black marker, this little pattern repeats throughout the whole quilt.

I found a fantastic template to use on She has a fantastic site and a great resource for hexagons. It has really helped me build enough confidence to get started on this project.

I used some cardstock that I had left over from years ago when I ran a home daycare. It can be purchased at a paper supply store like Staples or Office Depot along with the reams of paper. It is just a bit sturdier and so I will be able to use them over and over again. I printed off the templates (I chose the 1 1/2") from I then punched two holes in them with a paper punch. I just used a hand style paper punch and got it as far as it would reach, and as close to center as I could by eyeballing it. They came out pretty consistently.
I am using those two holes to pin my template onto my rectangles of fabric. I cut my rectangles of fabric just over 1/4" larger than the template. I showed you two pinned templates. One is pinned on the outer edge of the holes. One is pinned on the inside edge of the holes. I suggest using the outer edges of the holes.

As you can see on the lower right hexagon I was easily able to slide the hexagon that was pinned on the inner edges of the holes. I found the outer edges of the holes worked much better. I also showed a picture of the pins that I used. On the left is a regular push pin (this did not work it was too short). I used the quilters pin on the right as it was perfect for reaching from one hole to the next.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dog Days - Quilt Helpers

I'm working on my Daughters quilt today. I made the top of this quilt 10 years ago, and although the workmanship isn't very good, I feel I need to finish the quilt and give her the quilt I promised her. It is a bit difficult around her to put a quilt on the floor and pin it as I get waaaaay too much help.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sewing Table

I made myself a sewing table today. I had a table that my DH had made for me from folding table legs and a piece of plywood. I topped it off with some cotton batting and muslin and stapled it in place. I used cotton batting so that when I sew, I can move my quilt piece to the side, and iron the seam quick, and add what is next. No moving the the ironing board, and not getting up and moving back and forth.
The other reason, was that I didn't want all of my fabric catching on the unfinished edge of the wood. I will take a picture of it when I get a few moments, and perhaps add it to the blog, however it really isn't much to look at.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Farmers Wife #4

I am of course doing my blocks scrappy, and not following the colors recommended in the book. In the book it recommends black in place of the blue I used in my block. I don't have any black in my stash, so that is what it has to be. I have run into a problem for my next block though. It is called bat wing. I can't really do bat's wings in anything but black, can I? I will have to put black and gray on my wish list for when I go to the fabric store along with pale blue and lavendar. Perhaps I can find them in the remnant bin all together (Haa haa haa). Well it doesn't hurt to dream.

Farmers Wife #3

I finished The Farmers Wife block #3 The Basket. Well I have to say the handle was a bit challenging for me. This was my first attempt into the world of applique. I did quit a bit of searching around the web for advice on how to for applique. I landed on several wonderful blogs to teach me some bits on freezer paper methods of applique that were wonderfully helpful. It has made me want to try more applique in the future. I do have my hands full at this time working on this quilt, however, I am searching for more information to learn about applique. When I see applique it makes me REALLY nervous, and I just get queasy. It seems much too difficult for a beginner like me. All the more reason I need to conquer it. Perhaps something small like a wall hanging won't leave me running for the porcelain god!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Farmers Wife #2

I finished The Farmers Wife block #2. I'm not so sure about the color choices, but I went with the colors suggested in the book. We will see if i don't change it at some point, but it is supposed to be a scrappy quilt made by farmer's wives with left over fabric in my mind, so that is what I am using.. whatever I happen to have. I even found some fabric I had from a chair I made for my DS when he was two. That was ten years ago, and I can't wait to encorporate that into his quilt.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Farmers Wife #1

I finished my first block of The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. i did run into only one little snag. If you read my previous posts about making the templates, you saw that I didn't make templates of all of the pieces. I kept some of the pieces as paper templates. Two of those pieces would have been the maroon pieces in this block. When I traced the paper pieces, I didn't realize that I needed to place the paper templates up side down on the wrong side of the fabric. I cut the pieces wrong. Thank goodness I did this on block #1 and it will make me pay closer attention to how the templates need to be placed in the future. Well, one done, and 110 left to go!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Template Tutorial #4

Here are two of the templates. I cut them carefully, and then punched the inside sewing line with the tiny hole punch so that I could mark the corners with my quilting pencil.

Template Tutorial #3

By using the Ultra Fine marker, I am making a mark that is just the size of the line printed on the template. I was VERY careful to make my marks exactly where they were on the template lines. Any deviation would be compounded in the finished product. When machine sewing, be sure to cut off the outside line precisely. When you trace the line on your fabric.. trace the line, and cut it off so that when you sew you will get a true 1/4 inch seam.
I will be hand stitching mine, so I wasn't too concerned with the outside line, I'm more concerned with the stitching line. I want that to be perfect!

Template Tutorial Step #2

I then taped all of my templates on to my template plastic FACE DOWN. This is a picture of them with the template flipped over and all of them finished being taped on.. They are ready to now be traced with the permanent marker.

Template Tutorial Step #1

I gathered my supplies necessary to make my templates for The Farmers Wife Sampler. I am only making the templates necessary for pieces used more than one or two times. I will be using just the paper templates for those lesser used pieces. I needed two large 18x24 inch sheets of template plastic. However you can find template plastic in smaller sheets, you can find plastic in page divider inserts in your stationery section of you local Walmart store etc. These cost me $3.99 at my local Hobby Lobby. I got a Ultra Fine permanent marker to mark on the template plastic. Tape to tape my templates on. A ruler to draw my lines. A scissors to cut them out (not your fabric scissors). I also got a teeny dot paper punch in the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby. You could probably find it in your scrapbooking section. This is to mark the corner points you will be sewing to. And, of course the paper templates neccessary for my project.
***I don't know how to add more photos, so more to come in the next tutorial..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A New Project

I bought this book, deciding this would be a good next project for me. It has 111 different 6" blocks in it. That will give me a lot of experience assembling blocks with different angles and construction. I plan to piece them by hand, so posts to the blog will probably not be happening in a speedy manner. The book comes with a CD showing all of the templates.
First step for me was to look and see which templates were used most frequently. I wanted to make plastic templates of the pieces that were used more than one or two times. I think it will be fine for me to use paper pieces for just one or two pieces. Some pieces are used over 500 times.. wow! I definately want a plastic template for that. I will show a tutorial in the coming days of how I make the templates for this project.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fabric is Fabulous

I got all my fabric stash washed, ironed and folded nicely. I found a cabinet that I already had that I think will store it nicely. I like how it has all of the cubbies to sort the colors by. I will use the top shelf for the larger folds of fabric. I used a 4 inch wide ruler to fold the fabric around, pinned it and then pulled the ruler out. The 4 inch ruler allowed me to fold even the smallest cuts of fabric to match the rest of the cuts. I do want to use my stash to make a nice quilt for my son, however I do have to finish another quilt top that I already have finished. I made this quilt to years ago, and it has been waiting.. I had hoped to find left over pieces of fabric in my stash to match that quilt so that I could put pieces of it in the backing. No such luck for me this time. I will have to purchase more fabric (darn) to finish this quilt.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sorting the Stash

My journey into quilting continues. I am a returning quilter, and of course I couldn't throw away my fabric. It was stored in a container in my attic. Now admittedly it wasn't stored in the neatest fashion. I just stuffed it in a container when I was done using it from another project. I got it down, and opened the container and was embarrassed by the state of the fabric. I am currently washing it all (it smelled like the plastic container and the attic). I am ironing it all and folding it nicely. I will take pictures of the final project and show you however the beginning is too horrible!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Organize the home first

I have to challenge myself to be organized. I have made myself a list throughout my house of things I want to organize. The way I want it to look when it will be perfect. So I will work the checklist one thing at a time. Yeah, it will probably take me a lifetime to get the whole list done, but I've already gotten a few things checked off the list. First, make yourself the list (check).
*1. Footwear – Basket (return to owners closets, or donate)
2. Coat Storage – Cleaned – Space bags (Spring bag/ Winter bag)
3. Mittens/ Scarves/Gloves (1 set each NICE or donate the rest)
*4. Umbrellas (check for damage, stand upright or hang)
*5. Key Keeper – at entryway a pretty container in which to place keys
6. Desk Drawers- Trash or treasure? Dividers and containers to keep the items separate from one another. Shred un-necessary papers.
7. Desktop- Empty then Containers, organized
8. Cords- tagged and labeled (P-touch labels)or the plastic clips from bread bags.
9. Incoming mail – a bin in the entryway on a nice table in the den
10.Nightstands. Remove all, in drawer have tissues, night masks, medicines, heating pads..
11.Dresser drawers. No pants, no blouses. T-shirts, sweaters the rest is hanging.
12.Dresser Tops – Clean off, dust, add dresser scarf, and jewelry box.
13.Jewelry Box – Match up pairs of earrings (get some fabric with big holes like muslin and make a patch, stitch it over a hanger. Hang in the earrings in pairs).
14.Kids Closets. Purge clothing that doesn’t fit. Add toy box. Shoe Shelf, Hangers of plastic, remove metal hangers. All items hanging the same direction.
15.Kitchen Work Space – Counter clear –
*16.Fridge – Empty wash shelves, arrange shelves for maximum storage
*17.Pantry – UGH – Remove all items – check expiration dates – toss outdated – put like items together, perhaps helper shelves in between. Cook from the pantry until stash is reasonable. Only TWO kinds of cereal at any time!
*18.Spices – Get a nice shelf for spices, and containers that I can P-Touch label for the spices. Then Make all matching spice containers!
*19.Dishes – New Corelleware – I would like Red or Maroon, and White or Cream, or Tan. That way it coordinates with most holidays.
20.Pots and Pans. – They should not go in the dishwasher as it ruins the non stick coating * too late there, but the next new ones..
21.Kitchen Table. Clean- polish, set with placemats to look lovely each day.
22.Kitchen Cabinets – Plastic ware NEW with MATCHING LIDS
23.Kitchen Cabinets – Under the sink, cleaning caddy
24.Kitchen Cabinets – Bakeware
25.Kitchen Cabinets – Pots and Pans
26.Master Bath – Shower(best product to clean glass doors?)
27.Master Bath – Tub , add a pamper me basket
28.Master Bath – Sink Area
29.Master Bath – Linen Closet
30.Master Bath – Medicine Cabinet
31.Guest Bath – Shower/Tub – add a pamper me basket with lotions and sponges and scrubbers
32.Guest Bath – Sink Area
33.Guest Bath –Linen Closet
34.Laundry Room- not just for work, add some décor 
35.Car – Safety Kit
36.Car – Clean
37.Videos – Add a colorful cardstock spine and label with P-Touch
38.Bath Towel Linens – Correct colors in correct cabinets
39.Fireplace Mantle- Keep it clear
40.Coffee Table, Clear and Polished,
41.China Cabinet Polished- What Items should be in the bottom? Add napkin rings. Put Linens in drawers, Candle holders
42.Master Closet – No wire hangers, all items hung the same directions, Summer clothes/Winter clothes
43.Freezer – Freezer tape to date all items as they are added. List of items in the freezer, and clean out the freezer (Eat from the freezer) Then do freezer cooking and keep things organized. One shelf beef, one chicken, one pork. One Baked goods, Drawer for veggies.
44.Files- Paperwork, what do I need to keep, what can be shredded? Make the file look pretty with P-Touch labeler
45.Seasonal Clothing, Rubbermaid totes for Winter/Summer for each person.
46.Household card box – Recipes
47.Household card box – addresses
48.Household card box – Decorating ideas
49.Household card box – Phone numbers
50.Household card box- birthdays
51.Household card box – Gift ideas
52.Household notebook – clothing checklists
53.Household notebook – family information medical info for each person
54.Household notebook – menus
55.Household notebook – grocery lists
56.Household notebook – garden info
57.Household notebook –Christmas Section, Decorating ideas, Gift list, Entertaining ideas
58.Household notebook – Other holiday ideas
59.Household notebook- Entertaining ideas (general)
60.Household notebook- Medical information
61.Household notebook- auto information
62.Video game room- video game organized and encased
63.Video game room – video games components cables organized and labeled
64.Video game room – computer clean up
65.Video game room - closet cleaning day
66.Video game room – shelf cleaning day
67.Video game room – couch refurbishing
68.Video game room – desk organization
69.Game room –get pool table (perhaps this will be a craft room instead)
70.Game room – get lcd television mounted on wall
71.Game room- get wall items mounted (décor)
72.Game room – Get carpets cleaned
73.Game room – remove excess items
74.Recipe file- Recipe book for children
75.Cleaning checklist – Cleaning plan
76.Meal planning – weekly
77.First Aid kit – In linen closet
78.Home Inventory – Photo Inventory, for in Fire Box include serial numbers
79.Craft Projects – organized and labeled
80.Holiday Happiness – Décor for each holiday weeded thru, and then labeled in a box with P-Touch
81.Family Photos, scanned into computer, then scrapbooked
82. Wrapping paper station
83. Music- make it electronic copies (mp3)
84. Make-Up, Dated and put in a nice container
85.Emergency Preparedness Checklist- emergency box
86.Computer Cleanup and File Organization
*87.Books – all in the same area. All books on the edge of the shelf to prevent dusting.
89.Junk Drawer
91.Health and Well Being
92. Newspapers, Magazines and Catalogs
93.Paying Bills
94.Taxes – list items to keep and those to toss.

Welcome to my Blog!

I have started my blog! I'm making an effort to blog, and so here we go. It is a new experience for an old gal, so bear with me. I am a momma who is retired now, and returning to her crafts after years of dedication to just family and work. Hello quilting!!!! I'm breaking the fabric out of the boxes and getting back to work.