Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fabric is Fabulous

I got all my fabric stash washed, ironed and folded nicely. I found a cabinet that I already had that I think will store it nicely. I like how it has all of the cubbies to sort the colors by. I will use the top shelf for the larger folds of fabric. I used a 4 inch wide ruler to fold the fabric around, pinned it and then pulled the ruler out. The 4 inch ruler allowed me to fold even the smallest cuts of fabric to match the rest of the cuts. I do want to use my stash to make a nice quilt for my son, however I do have to finish another quilt top that I already have finished. I made this quilt to years ago, and it has been waiting.. I had hoped to find left over pieces of fabric in my stash to match that quilt so that I could put pieces of it in the backing. No such luck for me this time. I will have to purchase more fabric (darn) to finish this quilt.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sorting the Stash

My journey into quilting continues. I am a returning quilter, and of course I couldn't throw away my fabric. It was stored in a container in my attic. Now admittedly it wasn't stored in the neatest fashion. I just stuffed it in a container when I was done using it from another project. I got it down, and opened the container and was embarrassed by the state of the fabric. I am currently washing it all (it smelled like the plastic container and the attic). I am ironing it all and folding it nicely. I will take pictures of the final project and show you however the beginning is too horrible!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Organize the home first

I have to challenge myself to be organized. I have made myself a list throughout my house of things I want to organize. The way I want it to look when it will be perfect. So I will work the checklist one thing at a time. Yeah, it will probably take me a lifetime to get the whole list done, but I've already gotten a few things checked off the list. First, make yourself the list (check).
*1. Footwear – Basket (return to owners closets, or donate)
2. Coat Storage – Cleaned – Space bags (Spring bag/ Winter bag)
3. Mittens/ Scarves/Gloves (1 set each NICE or donate the rest)
*4. Umbrellas (check for damage, stand upright or hang)
*5. Key Keeper – at entryway a pretty container in which to place keys
6. Desk Drawers- Trash or treasure? Dividers and containers to keep the items separate from one another. Shred un-necessary papers.
7. Desktop- Empty then Containers, organized
8. Cords- tagged and labeled (P-touch labels)or the plastic clips from bread bags.
9. Incoming mail – a bin in the entryway on a nice table in the den
10.Nightstands. Remove all, in drawer have tissues, night masks, medicines, heating pads..
11.Dresser drawers. No pants, no blouses. T-shirts, sweaters the rest is hanging.
12.Dresser Tops – Clean off, dust, add dresser scarf, and jewelry box.
13.Jewelry Box – Match up pairs of earrings (get some fabric with big holes like muslin and make a patch, stitch it over a hanger. Hang in the earrings in pairs).
14.Kids Closets. Purge clothing that doesn’t fit. Add toy box. Shoe Shelf, Hangers of plastic, remove metal hangers. All items hanging the same direction.
15.Kitchen Work Space – Counter clear –
*16.Fridge – Empty wash shelves, arrange shelves for maximum storage
*17.Pantry – UGH – Remove all items – check expiration dates – toss outdated – put like items together, perhaps helper shelves in between. Cook from the pantry until stash is reasonable. Only TWO kinds of cereal at any time!
*18.Spices – Get a nice shelf for spices, and containers that I can P-Touch label for the spices. Then Make all matching spice containers!
*19.Dishes – New Corelleware – I would like Red or Maroon, and White or Cream, or Tan. That way it coordinates with most holidays.
20.Pots and Pans. – They should not go in the dishwasher as it ruins the non stick coating * too late there, but the next new ones..
21.Kitchen Table. Clean- polish, set with placemats to look lovely each day.
22.Kitchen Cabinets – Plastic ware NEW with MATCHING LIDS
23.Kitchen Cabinets – Under the sink, cleaning caddy
24.Kitchen Cabinets – Bakeware
25.Kitchen Cabinets – Pots and Pans
26.Master Bath – Shower(best product to clean glass doors?)
27.Master Bath – Tub , add a pamper me basket
28.Master Bath – Sink Area
29.Master Bath – Linen Closet
30.Master Bath – Medicine Cabinet
31.Guest Bath – Shower/Tub – add a pamper me basket with lotions and sponges and scrubbers
32.Guest Bath – Sink Area
33.Guest Bath –Linen Closet
34.Laundry Room- not just for work, add some décor 
35.Car – Safety Kit
36.Car – Clean
37.Videos – Add a colorful cardstock spine and label with P-Touch
38.Bath Towel Linens – Correct colors in correct cabinets
39.Fireplace Mantle- Keep it clear
40.Coffee Table, Clear and Polished,
41.China Cabinet Polished- What Items should be in the bottom? Add napkin rings. Put Linens in drawers, Candle holders
42.Master Closet – No wire hangers, all items hung the same directions, Summer clothes/Winter clothes
43.Freezer – Freezer tape to date all items as they are added. List of items in the freezer, and clean out the freezer (Eat from the freezer) Then do freezer cooking and keep things organized. One shelf beef, one chicken, one pork. One Baked goods, Drawer for veggies.
44.Files- Paperwork, what do I need to keep, what can be shredded? Make the file look pretty with P-Touch labeler
45.Seasonal Clothing, Rubbermaid totes for Winter/Summer for each person.
46.Household card box – Recipes
47.Household card box – addresses
48.Household card box – Decorating ideas
49.Household card box – Phone numbers
50.Household card box- birthdays
51.Household card box – Gift ideas
52.Household notebook – clothing checklists
53.Household notebook – family information medical info for each person
54.Household notebook – menus
55.Household notebook – grocery lists
56.Household notebook – garden info
57.Household notebook –Christmas Section, Decorating ideas, Gift list, Entertaining ideas
58.Household notebook – Other holiday ideas
59.Household notebook- Entertaining ideas (general)
60.Household notebook- Medical information
61.Household notebook- auto information
62.Video game room- video game organized and encased
63.Video game room – video games components cables organized and labeled
64.Video game room – computer clean up
65.Video game room - closet cleaning day
66.Video game room – shelf cleaning day
67.Video game room – couch refurbishing
68.Video game room – desk organization
69.Game room –get pool table (perhaps this will be a craft room instead)
70.Game room – get lcd television mounted on wall
71.Game room- get wall items mounted (décor)
72.Game room – Get carpets cleaned
73.Game room – remove excess items
74.Recipe file- Recipe book for children
75.Cleaning checklist – Cleaning plan
76.Meal planning – weekly
77.First Aid kit – In linen closet
78.Home Inventory – Photo Inventory, for in Fire Box include serial numbers
79.Craft Projects – organized and labeled
80.Holiday Happiness – Décor for each holiday weeded thru, and then labeled in a box with P-Touch
81.Family Photos, scanned into computer, then scrapbooked
82. Wrapping paper station
83. Music- make it electronic copies (mp3)
84. Make-Up, Dated and put in a nice container
85.Emergency Preparedness Checklist- emergency box
86.Computer Cleanup and File Organization
*87.Books – all in the same area. All books on the edge of the shelf to prevent dusting.
89.Junk Drawer
91.Health and Well Being
92. Newspapers, Magazines and Catalogs
93.Paying Bills
94.Taxes – list items to keep and those to toss.

Welcome to my Blog!

I have started my blog! I'm making an effort to blog, and so here we go. It is a new experience for an old gal, so bear with me. I am a momma who is retired now, and returning to her crafts after years of dedication to just family and work. Hello quilting!!!! I'm breaking the fabric out of the boxes and getting back to work.