Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fabric is Fabulous

I got all my fabric stash washed, ironed and folded nicely. I found a cabinet that I already had that I think will store it nicely. I like how it has all of the cubbies to sort the colors by. I will use the top shelf for the larger folds of fabric. I used a 4 inch wide ruler to fold the fabric around, pinned it and then pulled the ruler out. The 4 inch ruler allowed me to fold even the smallest cuts of fabric to match the rest of the cuts. I do want to use my stash to make a nice quilt for my son, however I do have to finish another quilt top that I already have finished. I made this quilt to years ago, and it has been waiting.. I had hoped to find left over pieces of fabric in my stash to match that quilt so that I could put pieces of it in the backing. No such luck for me this time. I will have to purchase more fabric (darn) to finish this quilt.

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  1. It looks so nice and neat, and you still have room for more. Congratulations on your new blog.


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