Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hexagon Delight 2

Here is the first flower of my Hexagon quilt. I'm delighted! I have many, Many, MANY more to go. Thanks to a lot of help from people on my Yahoo groups I was able to figure out just how many that is. I now know where I went wrong in my math calculations the first time I figured. I will need about 2000- 1 1/2" Hexagons to make a 100x112" queen size quilt. Considering there are 12 hexagons in my pattern, I will need approximately 167 Yellow, 333 white, cream or tan, 500 greens, and 1000 reds. I'm not tooo picky but, I do hope to get some variety in my reds as I want it to look like flowers and not just like a red blob.

Here is the back of the first flower after stitching the maroon hexies to the yellow. I left the templates in place while stitching to be sure to get the perfect shape. I was careful while stitching to get just the fabric, and not the tagboard.

I also wanted the punched holes in the back of the hexagon templates so that I could remove them and use them over and over again.

Simply take a smaller size crochet hook and place it in the hole, and pull.

Out popped the template with no damage, ready to be used again. Yay! Less templates to cut!
I only removed the center template at this time as I still have to stitch the sides of the petals together and I needed the center of the flower to be able to fold in order to do this.

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  1. The holes are a great idea...Love your hexies!


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