Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hexagons - I'm still chugging along

I'm still working on my hexagon quilt, and probably will for a long time. It doesn't make for a very interesting blog I'm afraid. I thought I would post my progress though. I have completed 25 of the pattern blocks thus far, and I am working on number 26. I am almost finished with that one. I cannot help but dream of quilts of the future. I am looking forward to see what the New Year brings in Blocks of the Month to follow. I am hoping for some lovely applique blocks with flowers that I can save for the whole year, and then make a nice quilt with. Of course I have to learn to applique as I go. I have been reading all I can on the blogs that people post. It would be wonderful to find a blog that teaches a applique quilt for beginners with their Blocks of the Month.. you know.. start simple and move forward. That would be SO great!
The other quilts that I plan for the future are Cathedral Windows, my first attempt at this quilt was a horrible failure, however I will not be deterred from my dream.
I love Double Wedding Ring, and I have the pattern for this, and Cathedral Windows and also for Dresden Plate another of my favorites that I plan to make. They are probably not too far in my future. I am hoping DH will get me a gift card to the fabric store for Christmas so I can buy some fabric.

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