Monday, November 1, 2010

Hexagons Moving Along

This first photo I have included to show you that in the back I have removed some of the Hexagon templates. Now I leave the templates IN both of the templates left and right of the crochet hook as I stitch the seam that is being pointed to. It would have been better if I could have taken a picture of this step but I missed it. The cardstock templates keep me from making my stitches too deep. I cannot stitch into the cardstock. Instead, my needle is finding the top of that template and so I know my hexagon is going to end up the correct size when I finish. (Yay).

Now in order to stitch the seam that I am pointing to here with the crochet hook, I had to remove the hexagon of the lower maroon hexagon that is showing in the picture.

As you can see the maroon hexagon is folded, and I am able now to line up and stitch the seam easily. I have found it easiest to stitch from the outside to the inside, but, perhaps this is because I am a righty.

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