Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quilts I love

Are there quilts you LOVE? Quilts you have always loved? I am very new to quilting, and there are certain quilts that are on my list of quilts I want to make... someday. I am currently making my hexagon quilt. I have moved into a new step in quilting for myself. Something beyond stitching square to square, which is where I began. There are however those dream quilts I wish to make someday.
I want to make a Dresden Plate quilt. I keep putting that on my list when I sign up to win an Accuquilt Go.
I want to make a Double Wedding ring quilt. I put that on my list as well. (Big smile).
I think a Cathedral Window quilt is fantastic. I tried to make one once before, however it was before I knew about the grain of fabric. It didn't turn out very nice. I quit before I got too far. I would however like to give it another go at some point. I will keep it on my list.
My sewing machine doesn't work the best, so I think those will last me a lifetime stitching by hand. If I should get my machine working better, Look out!!! I see some beautiful blogs of quilts out there the creativity is amazing. Even blocks that seem simple. Triangles and squares are turned into the most amazing and beautiful creations, you can't help but want to make them and put them on your bed. You can always think of someone who could benefit from the wonderful warmth and cuddle of a quilt. They just sing of happiness.

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