Friday, November 5, 2010


I think I need to find a flexible thimble for myself. My poor lil stitching finger is sore! I have been having SOOO much fun stitching my hexagons. As of today I have eight flowers assembled. Not all of the leaves (the green row) are on them, but the flower portions are complete. Well all of the hand stitching on my finger has it sore, sore, sore. I'm addicted to these wonderful hexagons though. It is so relaxing to just sit and stitch by hand, and watch it all come together. I don't want to stop stitching. I tried a timble, and with that I was just all thumbs. It was too bulky and got in the way. I have never stitched with a thimble, and I guess I will have to work my way into that. Perhaps a flexible leather one? I saw on a blog at some point a stick on circle type thimble. I will have to see if I can find those as well although they seem similar to a bandaid to me. So for today, I will try a bandaid and keep on stitching.

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