Saturday, January 22, 2011

Applique Stem makers..

So, I ordered a brand of stem makers that make stems Perfectly, and I have been using them. They are working wonderfully. Funny story follows. I was making them last night when DH asked me what I was doing. My reply.. I am making stems.. he looks at my work and says..
Those are zip ties.. I said NO.. Those are $%#& Stems .. He says No.. Those are zip ties.. at which point he proceeds out in the garage, and returns with.. Zip ties. I look at the zip ties.. Umm well they look a lot alike.. (I'm feeling a little stupid at this point). So I have to proove the MAN wrong.

I clipped off the end of the zip tie. So that it looks like the other brand. They look like the Stem makers now
I put them in the fold of some scrap fabric, and set the hot iron on them, and they didn't melt.. they got warm, like the other ones do.. but I'm thinking they are the same dang thing. Now DH doesn't have all of the thicknesses that I purchased. But then, I got one of each, and so he said, you just let me know what you need, and I will go to the hardware store and pick you up a bunch of them for cheap. I'm thinking wow, I could stitch up a whole bunch before I have to iron them. Since I am hand stitching, I have to stitch.. stop. clip. Iron.. remove.. start over. If I have a whole bunch, I could do a bunch up and then press them all at the same time.
I'm not too picky on perfection in the width of my stems, but I am certain you can find LOTS of sizes at the hardware store. And perhaps you could share with your whole quilt guild for like a couple of dollars out of pocket. Now is this cool or what?? Just try to get you some nice long ones if you can ;)

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  1. I am puzzled here honey...what are they used for??? what is the result...gone right over my head lolzooooooooooooooooooooom


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