Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perfect Circles

I have to say first of all I DID IT! Okay this may be old hack to some of you.. but as a newbie, I can not be more thrilled right now! I made perfect circles.. and this just makes me SO excited. I ordered these thru Karen Kay Buckley, and they WORK! Just as they are supposed to.. If I can do this, anyone can.

First word of warning. I thought I would be super duper smart and label my circles with a permanent marker according to their size. Yeah! Not as smart as I thought. Live and learn.. this is what I got. You see that black blob in my perfect pink circle? Well that is NOT supposed to be there.. That would be the "permanent" marker that transferred to the fabric when I starched and ironed my Perfect Circle..
I took all of my circles, and used Lens Cleaning pads for my glasses, and it all came right off. Wheeeeeeeeeew!! Nervous moments..
So, I was right back to making more of my Perfect Circles.
Now the directions are Wonderful.. afterall, even I was able to follow them. But I did make a little change to them. I'm not too keen on putting my fingers anywhere NEAR a hot iron. I followed the directions up to gathering the basting stitches..and spraying with starch. I'm not going to hold that while I iron it. I decided to place my needle (or a pin) in the spot where I finished.. and with my thread that I have left wind it over and under the needle (in a figure eight) to hold the thread tight while I iron. Once it is done, and cooled.. I then take out the Perfect circle.. and tadaaaa.. I still have a perfect circle!

Now, I started with the biggest size.. 2" and I have worked my way down to a few smaller sizes.. These are SUPER COOL! I've made some yellow ones :) and some Orange ones (giggles!) I think maybe I should have gotten the larger set of circles as well because last night I had some ideas for making textured petals with the perfect circles, but oooh not with the tiny ones that I have. I'll think on it.

If you havn't tried these.. ooh it is worth the small amount of money you put into them I think.. goodness knows I would not want to cut out 1/2 inch circles and make them as perfect as these come.. already done and ever so perfect.

I want to use these to make Erin Russeks Block of the Month, and I figured.. I better practice first :)

Now.. for the Perfect Stems.. wish me luck!


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  2. Lookin' good, Marcia! Yes, I have those 'good' ideas sometimes, too! Glad there was no real fallout from yours. So you going to show us your pile of perfect circles? Are you going to practice stitching them, too?

  3. OHHH Mommarock new toys are gifts from Quilters Heaven...seriously..I have these two..don't you just love those itty bitty wee ones...Cori from Chitter Chatter designs told me about these..she makes ants..lot's of them...and she has them sitting with pop...very cool...sew what are you going to do with yours...?


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