Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introducing my new Baby

Bubble Gum Cigars all around?? Haa Haa.. Oh I am just so thrilled everyone.. I cannot express myself. I am still just stammering on my own words. I hinted to hubby that I was picking out my Valentines gift. He looked at my computer screen to see
and he said. Well, if you want that, then just buy it. I think I stopped breathing..and when I started again, I went and got my credit card!! Whooo hooo! And the funniest part of all.. It is supposed to arrive... are you ready for this..
ON VALENTINE'S DAY. I'm SO in love with my Hubby!! He is waaaay too good to me! I could just cry I'm so thrilled. I will have to find me something to practice on.. without wasting fabric.. how do you do that?? YIKES!!
But isn't she a beauty!! And she comes with a purchased guarantee!! I am not gonna go without THAT!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Applique Pressing Sheet Review

I recently purchased "The Applique Pressing Sheet" to use for doing my hand applique. I am not using it to do fusible applique. I purchased it because doing starching method of applique with heat resistant templates was doing this to my ironing board.
You see those nasty brown looking stains? Well they weren't there before I began. It was nice and clean and muslin colored. Not so much anymore. It looks singed. I stopped almost as soon as I noticed it.. I was having too much fun working on my Floribunda. So I shopped at I Have A Notion which I mentioned in a previous post, and was delighted with the speed at which my pressing sheet arrived in the mailbox. I had a slight delay in resuming my work on Floribunda due to a surgery, and now I am back to work.
I tried out my pressing sheet today, and have to say I LOVE it. It can really take the heat. I put my iron on a really hot setting, and pressed it on my cloth, and it didn't even wrinkle under the pressure. I know I certainly would.
Things certainly look a lot better in my eyes now, and this sheet is 13" x 17" so I have a lot of room to work. Now, I just need to get to work. But before I go, I want to show you two of my favorite tools I have found in my newbie quilting adventure.

The stick is one I use to hold the applique pieces while I am pressing them with the hot iron. It keeps my fingers away from that heat. I bought a whole package of the grocery store. They are caramel apple sticks. It is nice and round, and easy to hold onto. And whooohoo they were cheap! I love that part best..
The second tool is those scissors. They are Fiskars softgrips (made in the USA) and those babies are SHARP! They come down to the finest point for snipping the tiniest threads. I have had them for years and years, and never had to sharpen them yet. They have been sitting in my sewing box, and now it is time to put them to good use.