Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

Quilting is ADDICTING!! I'm gonna go out on a limb here and admit it.. am I the only one?? I didn't think so.. LOL.
I've been spending a LOT of time doing my quilting.. to the point that my beautiful home is feeling a bit neglected. I think that by blogging about my dedication to cleaning up the joint.. I am forced to do so. Anyone with me??
I think I am a take it slow and don't kill yourself in doing so type of person.. I THINK! I have my occasions of mean clean.. that is the day where no one better get in my way, because I'm on a roll. Today however is not one of those days. My next post should show you why.. however. Let's take this a task at at time.
My way of cleaning is a card system. I have index cards on which I write all of the chores that need to be done for keeping my house in order. I keep them in an index box in my kitchen.

Some chores are done daily.. like sweeping the kitchen floor. I pull out all the cards that need to be done today.. I assign some of the cards like feed the dog to the kids.. hey it is only fair, we all live here..
This is the inside of the box.. I have numbered tabs for the days of the month.. these are where I keep my chore cards. Some cards are for weekly chores. I will divide those chores up at the beginning of the week. I skip days that I know I will not be home. Once the daily cards are done, they are put into the next day's tab.. Once the weekly chores are done, they are put into the next weeks tab.. (whatever day is easiest for you to divide up your chores I like Sunday). Also Monthly and Yearly, and Seasonal chores..things like holiday decorations, washing outdoor windows.. This is what I'm working on now. The monthly tabs are for reminding me to get birthday cards for people who have birthdays that month.. only I look at the NEXT month.. and have them ready!! Then the ABC part is where I keep everyone's address and phone number, and child's name (I can never remember).. keeps down on the clutter.


  1. I used to use this same system! I was teaching school and had three little boys at home, so I needed some way to keep organized. This worked so well! I also had my boys go through and choose 15 minutes of chores every day. (I had the times it took each task written up in the corner. We timed it together.) Their allowance was based on minutes of chores done. 15 minutes = 15 cents. They could choose to do extra for extra money if they wanted. It was wonderful. No more nagging to clean up the living room, etc. They wanted to find things to do. There was a book out at the time that told about this. The Sidetracked Home Executives? It was in the 80's.

  2. That's a nifty system! Thanks for sharing.


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