Monday, June 13, 2011

Edging the Quilt

Well, I tried.. I guess it is important to even show our failures. I had intended to attach the tan border to my quilt. First I cut my border strip at 2" then I folded it in half and ironed it to mark the center point. I matched up the points to the ironed line.. (here is where I made my mistake.. I didn't pin it all the way. I just figured I could eyeball it.
I chose the blanket stitch to stitch it on, but because I didn't pin it all on with all of the back and forth on the machine to do the stitch, it ended up with a LOT of puckering after I ironed it and I really did NOT like how it looked If you look at the third picture I am sure you can see the puckering.. I was very disappointed. All of the hand stitching I had done was delightful.. and then the machine stitching looked terrible. I couldn't leave it looking like this. I knew that I had a date.. a date with my seam ripper. A whole day!! SEW.. I slept on it and formulated a new plan.
These are the side points that I did not want on my quilt.. the problem points.
I decided to fold the hexagon in half, matching the points all the way down the side, and press it with the iron. I basted it with just UNDER a 1/4" seam so that when I add the binding, it will not show. Now I need to trim off the excess hexagon portion on the back.. and the front now looks like THIS.. on the sides.. much improved!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hexagons COMPLETE...

I am thrilled to report and show that I stitched my last hexagon (well.. on this quilt).
Note my little helper.
Now you are looking at it sideways.. but I am still not finished. I have to add something to the sides (what you see as the top and bottom). I am adding a light brown portion so it will look like a wooden flower bed edge. Those two sides are not straight edges. I will use the same fabric as a binding on the quilt. I have white to use as the backing however I cannot just use white.. boring!! I am also going to do some red and green (and perhaps some yellow) blocking in a 1 foot section across a portion on the bottom. Then I will quilt the whole thing. When it is bound and almost done.. I will take what will be the turn down portion of the back. (You know the part you see of the back when you turn it down on your bed). I am going to applique a little design on that as well. So that is the plan for my quilt in the future.. wish me luck!!

Oh, one more note... I bought some spray on basting and a tarp to spray baste the quilt. I am going to pin baste it as well since I am hand quilting it and I don't know how long that spray baste will stay put. I have never used it before and I don't want this sucker to move an inch! I am just spray basting it to make SURE it stays put!