Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hexie Progress

Here is a look at the quilting I am doing on my Hexagon quilt. Hand quilting is taking a while, and lately I havn't been in the mood. The heat is really getting to me I think. What I really want to be doing is getting a quilt ON the bed.. So I will be looking into what kind of pattern I can make with the fabric that I purchased at Walmart, along with what kind of hand quilting I can take along with me on a road trip. I have a nice long lovely road trip coming up, and I do so need to keep my hands busy!! No snacking in the car.
I made my templates for the quilting like this. I figured it was a whole lot easier to trace on the inside of a shape.. than it was to trace around the outside of a shape. So far, it is working nicely.. except. I don't like the pencils that I have.. they don't hold a nice crisp point. These are the pencils that I got. I need both light and dark colors as I am tracing on yellow, and red and green. I would have so much liked a pencil that would wash out completely, but draw me a nice crisp clean line. I'll have to do some searching, but if anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear.


  1. I am absolutely in love with the sewline mechanical pencils. Discovered them recently and like you i was having trouble with the pencils i had. Tried out the grey, ended up going back for the other colours too! They do come out easy ... with eraser or with a bit of water/washing.

    Your hexies sure look pretty! Hope you get them finished soon and can't wait to see them finished!

  2. I love your quilting pattern. That is the way I would do it too. I use a Krisma mechanical pencil. It has a very fine lead that comes in many choices of color. It makes a very fine line that is removed as I quilt over it.

  3. That is alot of work, but it will be so wonderful and you will be so proud when you are finished. As time goes, I just like hand sewing more. I don't know how to hand quilt but I plan to learn soon.

  4. These look wonderful and I love your handstitching - it really makes it and what a clever template! I love the sound of your next quilt - perhaps you should start it anyway!

    1. Ahh, I just dream about it, but I've sworn to myself that I WILL finish this quilt first.

  5. Saw the link on Needles & Lemons comments page and came for a look. LOVE what you've done with the quilting design - so clever! Hope you solved your marking pencil dilema :)


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