Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Quilty Finish

I finished another quilt!! Yay!! The best part is that I learned in the process. I made a quilt for my youngest son. Here is a picture of the whole quilt. This was a kit that I bought for $11.00 on clearance at Walmart. I figured, hey why not. I could practice a few skills, and learn some things along the way. I decided it was time to try that quilting foot on my sewing machine. I was delighted with the results, and learned to quilt from the center OUT. The one time that I went from the outside towards the center because it was "easier" I got a bit of a wrinkle in the fabric (boo). Lesson learned. I did my machine binding for the second time, and feel like I did better on the corners. I'm learning!!! It feels GREAT! I know that it isn't perfect, but then I feel like no quilting IS perfect... it is art. So I won't be too shy, and I will show you some of the quilting.
Also, if you remember in my last post. The Link to the 30's quilt. Well, the book still hasn't arrived. Due to some well listened to advice, I have ordered a new foot for my machine it is called the Curve Master Presser Foot. Curve Master can be seen in action here. Goodness knows curves scare the wits out of me.. and I really wits about me.

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  1. Wonderful color combination! Your quilting looks awesome. Congrats on a great finish!!


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