Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review of my book.. it arrived!!

This book finally arrived in the mail today from it couldn't get here fast enough as far as I was concerned. That cover quilt is just amazing. Okay, there are several amazing quilts inside this book! I was just thrilled to get it. I have to say there is a down side to the quil as far as I am conderned. The template pictures are printed too close to the binding inside the book. I will have a hard time making a copy of the templates to use them. BOO! I am going to take the book to FedEx Kinkos and see if they can cut off the binding and re-bind the book with a spiral binding so that I can turn the book inside out etc. and make copies of the templates so that I can USE them and make the quilts. I have so many of them in here that I want to make. Now, if only I can master that curve.. with the help of that new presser foot that is on it's way.. we can hope my future in quilting is bright!! Oh and to master that machine quilting too. Nothing too fancy, I just ask that the bobbin thread doesn't wad up on the back side on me.. PLEEEZ!!


  1. You go, girl! If you are a quilting 'newbie' and you're already trying curved piecing, I'm out here cheering you on! :D I'm been dabbling in this for 10+ years and curves still scare. :/

  2. And definitely come on over to Fluffy sheep and join the FMQ fun. Its great to be in it together!


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