Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A start....and a STOP...

So I started on Link to the '30s. And let me show you the colors I have chosen to work with. The white will be the "background" color I will call it. The yellow is the rings of the Wedding Rings, and of course you can pretty much guess which ones are the dots.. yep..good guess!! Now the big fabric that is all dots.. I chose that fabric for all of it's colors and dots.. and I'm still debating it in my head. But that fabric may be my ..?are they called orange peel shapes ?? someone help me with this one.. My newbieness is showing on this. And where does the STOP come in on this?? Well my thumb joint on my sewing hand does NOT like the motion of basting those circles I think. It is quite painful in a sharp sort of way that I have not experienced before. I figured it was best to stop and let it rest until it felt better. Well I keep sneaking back to stitch a few more circles. I just can not stay away.

I have a question perhaps you blog readers can help me with. A bit of education for a fellow quilter. I used the no melt mylar for my templates of the circles. I set my iron to cotton. I then put liqud starch on the back, and while the starch was still wet, I ironed them so that they would hold their shape. The no melt template material ended up warping after a few, and finally on one melting. What did I do wrong?? I switched to tagboard, but I won't be able to use the tagboard for more than one or two with starch without it being useless either.. as I want the shapes to be just right. I thought perhaps I was supposed to let the starch dry more before ironing it.. or reduce the iron temperature.. but it is cotton.. I do need it to get completely dry.. SO CONFUSING!!

Oh, Wanna see SOME of the circles that I have to make??
This doesn't include the yellow circles..


  1. Not sure about the mylar but I bought Perfect Circles and I think it is designed for the use you describe. Good luck and I will check back to see what you find out!

  2. Ah shame on the no melt mylar. I always choose a less hot setting for the iron when i use no melt mylar. I put it on two. Then you should have no problems at all. I also use perfect circles and use that same setting on it.

  3. That no melt mylar melts -- you should see the templates I used for Grandma's Donuts!

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  6. It's really best for you to stop and let it rest until it felt better.


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