Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Finish

Doesn't this look like a doilie or is that doily? You know the thing you put on your table befor you put down a plant or platter. It does to me, but that isn't what it is.. It is a baby blanket!! Isn't it so cute. I just fell in love with this idea. I know my kiddos loved to get their fingers into holes and things and get a grip and hold on. It makes them feel safe and secure to hold on. The holds aren't so big that whole body parts can get through there and get stuck.. so I think any doily pattern would work great as long as the spaces aren't too big.. but with the use of the baby yarn, it leaves it SOO SOOOOO soft and ever so snuggly. This is in my "Someday I'll be a Grandma Box". Who knows what will be next!! I'm having fun though making things.