Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A start....and a STOP...

So I started on Link to the '30s. And let me show you the colors I have chosen to work with. The white will be the "background" color I will call it. The yellow is the rings of the Wedding Rings, and of course you can pretty much guess which ones are the dots.. yep..good guess!! Now the big fabric that is all dots.. I chose that fabric for all of it's colors and dots.. and I'm still debating it in my head. But that fabric may be my ..?are they called orange peel shapes ?? someone help me with this one.. My newbieness is showing on this. And where does the STOP come in on this?? Well my thumb joint on my sewing hand does NOT like the motion of basting those circles I think. It is quite painful in a sharp sort of way that I have not experienced before. I figured it was best to stop and let it rest until it felt better. Well I keep sneaking back to stitch a few more circles. I just can not stay away.

I have a question perhaps you blog readers can help me with. A bit of education for a fellow quilter. I used the no melt mylar for my templates of the circles. I set my iron to cotton. I then put liqud starch on the back, and while the starch was still wet, I ironed them so that they would hold their shape. The no melt template material ended up warping after a few, and finally on one melting. What did I do wrong?? I switched to tagboard, but I won't be able to use the tagboard for more than one or two with starch without it being useless either.. as I want the shapes to be just right. I thought perhaps I was supposed to let the starch dry more before ironing it.. or reduce the iron temperature.. but it is cotton.. I do need it to get completely dry.. SO CONFUSING!!

Oh, Wanna see SOME of the circles that I have to make??
This doesn't include the yellow circles..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review of my book.. it arrived!!

This book finally arrived in the mail today from it couldn't get here fast enough as far as I was concerned. That cover quilt is just amazing. Okay, there are several amazing quilts inside this book! I was just thrilled to get it. I have to say there is a down side to the quil as far as I am conderned. The template pictures are printed too close to the binding inside the book. I will have a hard time making a copy of the templates to use them. BOO! I am going to take the book to FedEx Kinkos and see if they can cut off the binding and re-bind the book with a spiral binding so that I can turn the book inside out etc. and make copies of the templates so that I can USE them and make the quilts. I have so many of them in here that I want to make. Now, if only I can master that curve.. with the help of that new presser foot that is on it's way.. we can hope my future in quilting is bright!! Oh and to master that machine quilting too. Nothing too fancy, I just ask that the bobbin thread doesn't wad up on the back side on me.. PLEEEZ!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Quilty Finish

I finished another quilt!! Yay!! The best part is that I learned in the process. I made a quilt for my youngest son. Here is a picture of the whole quilt. This was a kit that I bought for $11.00 on clearance at Walmart. I figured, hey why not. I could practice a few skills, and learn some things along the way. I decided it was time to try that quilting foot on my sewing machine. I was delighted with the results, and learned to quilt from the center OUT. The one time that I went from the outside towards the center because it was "easier" I got a bit of a wrinkle in the fabric (boo). Lesson learned. I did my machine binding for the second time, and feel like I did better on the corners. I'm learning!!! It feels GREAT! I know that it isn't perfect, but then I feel like no quilting IS perfect... it is art. So I won't be too shy, and I will show you some of the quilting.
Also, if you remember in my last post. The Link to the 30's quilt. Well, the book still hasn't arrived. Due to some well listened to advice, I have ordered a new foot for my machine it is called the Curve Master Presser Foot. Curve Master can be seen in action here. Goodness knows curves scare the wits out of me.. and I really wits about me.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Link to the 30s

I'm SO in love with the quilt on the cover of this book. I purchased the book. It should be here Saturday. Not that I'm hovering at the door too much. I already have three quilts in the works, but I can certainly see how quilting can be an addiction. Can I show you a closer look. I know you wanna see it. I also ordered the Omnigrid rulers to help me do a good job of cutting the pieces nicely. Now I've never EVER cut anything on a curve, so heaven help me. I hope there are some tips out there, or perhaps included in the package. It will take weeks (WUT? WEEKS, yep WEEKS) for the templates to come, but I guess that is okay since I still havn't decided what fabulous fabric I want to do this quilt in, and I have other quilts that I really need to move my bootie on. My hexagon quilt being hand quilted is taking FOREVER, as my hand quilting skills are the stab and stitch method. I'm slowly piecing my other hexagon quilt for my DD as I watch television in the evening, and I am working on my first machine quilted piece for my son. Now trust me they are just straight lines (or semi straight) because free motion quilting is out of my league. I just spend lots of time right now dreaming about some beautiful fabrid to make this lovely in, but I had to share that photo of the quilt and the book, cuz it is yummy to be sure!