Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time to Move Quilting Rooms

This is a picture of my current quilting room.
Oh it doesn't always look that messy. I have been stuffing things in there as I clean out the future Quilting room. It is a bedroom in our house that we are using as a guest room since our son moved out of it. Now it was working fine, and I WAS thrilled to have it, but a better option has come along. I didn't like that it only had one small window. I also didn't like that when we do have a guest they have to see all of this clutter.
This perfectly good game room was sitting here waiting for me. Look at all of those windows! It was filling with junk because we were waiting to get a pool table someday. Well, that will never happen. And so the junk piled in. We did use the treadmill while my son was homeschooling for his physical education program, but now he has gone back to public school. My neighbor wants the treadmill. I cannot use it with my bad ankles, and DH does his running outside. So that will leave. I have so many exciting plans for making this a nice sitting, stitching room, while hiding much of the boxes of craft mess in the closet of said guest room. Sneaky huh!! The best part of all of this is that my neighbor that wants the treadmill is trading me for the treadmill. She has some items in storage that she will trade me to help me decorate my craft room, and then she wants to craft/quilt with me. I will have a quilting buddy. That has been a long time dream. A friend to craft and quilt with. I hope she follows through. It will be a while before we can post again on progress on the room, as step number one is to paint the room. It will be a lovely change to a SATIN Antique white instead of the flat unwashable finish it currently has. No bright bold colors in my future. But I will update you with the decorations and changes as the happen. Then, there shall be stitching in my future! Have a lovely stitching day!


  1. I've been redoing my sewing room recently too and have loved doing it. I didn't change rooms but I did change some things in mine to make it more user friendly. I would love to have painted but that wasn't an option for me - maybe later. I'll look forward to checking on your progress. blessings, marlene

  2. nice sized room to sew in.good luck in there. hugs barbara

  3. Lucky you! I quilt in a smallish bedroom in our rental but I love it- my two dachsies have a trundle bed from which they snoopervise what I ma doing, when they are not actively helping!


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