Thursday, October 4, 2012

Link to the 30s update

I have been keeping busy working on my Link to the 30s quilt since I got my new puppy Lili. I tried to find something with smaller pieces that she couldn't get to while I was working. Well, smaller pieces certainly describes this quilt. It is called Bejeweled Wedding rings really. Link to the 30s is the name of the book that it can be found in. Here is what the blocks will look like and a look at my fabric selection
And a close up view for you of the bands.
I found some fantastic fabric made for Jo-Anns Fabric for the center Orange Peel sections that tied all of the fabrics together, and it had circles and rings as it's focal point. I thought it added just enough craziness for this quilt to make it interesting. Now these havn't been appliqued yet, so they will be smaller than they appear on this sample.
I only have a FEW circles left to 588 go on the arches (faint now!!)
I was starching the circles and burning my little fingers with steam.. POOR LITTLE FINGER!!
Now my poor little fingers were saved by a lovely bloggerSara at My Sewing Room She sent me one of these
That she made and I used this when starching my circles so that I didn't have to put my fingers near the iron. YAY no more starch steamed little fingers! Oh I was so excited to get it in the mail yesterday that I went right to the ironing board and put that iron to use and got all of my circles starched and ready to applique down.
Like this, instead of using my finger to make sure it doesn't stick to the iron. MUCH, MUCH better!! Thank you so much Sara!! You are a finger saver, if not a lifesaver!! Much appreciated for your kindness.


  1. OMG - that is such a cute quilt. Love it. Bright colors are always my favorites.

  2. wow, what a cool block. boy that is a lot of circles.

  3. Beautiful quilt! So colorful! So happy you are no longer burning your fingers!

  4. Lovely quilt! I saw (and loved) your questions on the Cat Patches post - now I'm following you, too!

  5. That looks great! Have you tried Perfect Circles? They are teflon circles and you can press right on them.

  6. Great pattern, very colorful. Now that's a lot of circles!

  7. Hi!!! Love it!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I have been following you!!! You do wonderful art!!! Thank You

  8. What a fantastic little tool, I'm always burning my fingers doing applique pieces

  9. Love this quilt- I simply adore bright colors and this is breathtaking!


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