Friday, November 16, 2012

New Craft Room

The make over is somewhat complete.  I have a few more things to hang on the wall, or should I say DH has a few more things to hang on the wall.  That is where the hang up has been.
The pictures that sit below the television are prints that I purchased while we lived in Japan for $3.50. I just had them framed after 15 years in a box, and now they will be on the wall. Terrible that I waited so long. I painted the old wooden dresser black and red in hopes that it would give it more of an Asian feel.
The windows already had white blinds. I added the curtain rods, and then added the little kimonos that my children wore while we lived in Japan. This is my favorite part of the room. LOVE IT!
I love the bright bold colors of this Kabuki Theater kimono. It is a purely decorative kimono as it is about 7 feet tall. No one could really walk around in it. It is hung on bamboo and then curtain rod holders. Then my neighbor traded me the big comfy chair for the treadmill, and some lamps that she has yet to deliver. I still can't work in the room in the evenings as the lighting isn't good enough. I still have a lot of my stuff in the guest room (tee hee), and in the guest room closet so that this room can stay cleaner looking. Although at the moment it is a bit messy because I have been working.


  1. What a beautiful, bright space! The kimono curtain treatments are just darling -- that was a brilliant idea!! And I'm sure they illicit very fond memories, too! :)

  2. Pretty! So great to be surrounded by things you love! What a big space!!

  3. I like what you did in this area. You proved how a craft room should look like. The design you had there shows creativity and artistic quality. I just want to ask one thing though. Did you have those blinds before or were they just a latest addition along with the shades? Well, they look great together!

  4. Using the kimonos is a fantastic idea! Its colors are really spreading through the room as the sunlight enters the window. It's perfect for setting the mood in a craft room. Months passed already, and I wonder if you still have the same blinds and kimonos at those windows.

    Larry @ South FL Home Remodeling


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